NASM CPT Workshop, Arlington

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So last Fri/Sat. I went up to Arlington, went to the workshop and had an overall good time with my friend and DC in general…minus that one parking ticket. (what can you do? lol)

Workshop lowdown….

Eric Beard ( is a sensational speaker, had me laughing with everyone else and knew his stuff. Boston accent…which is always a plus in my book when a man has an accent. Very engaging, one of those who knows how to use the spotlight type personalities. Did I mention he was funny? Used real world examples, got us moving (literally with arms, hips, legs, etc.) Told stories that related to the material.

Tanya Colucci ( is also a really good speaker. Knows her stuff. Her style of presentation was different, ie. less laughs. but done well. She’s in DC look her up. She also put some personal stories into the mix which helped put it all into real jargon. Some of it was hilarious too. Like when a client “threw up” on her. LOL (not real throw up)

Really glad I went. Put the material all together. Went through the entire OPT model which if you have the text book is the basically the same thing only better b/c you were actually DOING it. So glad I went. Met some cool people there also.  Wear workout clothes folks, no jeans. You won’t be sweating but you will be moving. Did I mention I’m really glad that I went. The whole book made entirely more sense, I feel ready to take the taste.

The only complaint is this…why in the world do you, NASM, have this on a Friday and Saturday?!  In DC no less! crazy. Should be on Thursday and Friday. I had to skip out 2 hours early on Saturday so I could go see some sights that night. Totally worth it but I was feeling a bit bad because that was when they were going into the exam preparation part. Blah oh well I’m sure I’ll be good.

If you got the money I definitely insist that you go. Not only will you meet future contacts, maybe friends, but the whole course and material will make so much more sense.

*there will always be that one guy that makes it about him instead of the reason why you are there. just breathe. he will get shut up eventually

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Wal-Mart; the Homo Sapien Sapien Playground

Is there anyplace best to observe the human spirit, nay, human interaction than Walmart? (Jane Goodall, anyone?) You have to be an observer in Walmart, sometimes even a detective. I can’t recall how many times I have been in the store and saw … something. Now, I can almost always rule out aliens, apes, and monkeys. The person in question walks upright, 2 legs & 2 arms, torso and head, most definitely wearing clothes. However, I can’t discern whether or not the something is either a female or male of the species. Even the hairstyle is ambiguous, whether it’s short or long or spiked. I even saw one with a Mohawk and couldn’t figure it out. A Mohawk I tell you, sheesh.

I’m all for show of skin, in moderation. I sometimes am known for showing a little bit cleavage, maybe wear a short skirt (not too short! I ain’t no trash thank you). I’m in the school of thought that if you show less up top, cover on the bottom and vice versa. You have to prioritize, show them what you want and focus on one thing. I believe most people in Walmart didn’t get that memo. I have seen people with shorts up to there (like Hello there butt cheek, how you doin?) and shirts that could fit a prepubescent girl (I don’t want to know how your back, belly button, shoulders, top of breasts, and arms look like but now that I do, not that I was looking, you should really know that theres a gym across the street. Just. Over. There.)

I’m not even going to write anything about the people who can walk but are too, ummm overwieght?, and then they get on those electric motors that beep when they go in reverse. Nope, not even going to go there.

Then there are the packs. Is it called a troop, or band? Usually, it’s late 20’s gangsters, teenage gangsters, teenage girls, families, Trashy Women (the worst in my opinion; see previous section on lack of clothes) and the lone ranger. Lets do a rundown shall we?

Late 20’s gangsters: Lots of tattoos, foul language being spoken, an uncanny ability to make my skin crawl, yet surprisingly can be very polite when asking a question about where a certain condiment could be located at. Danger level: low-med. Depends on how many there are and how much they have, ahem, consumed before the almighty trip to Walmart.

Teenage gangsters: Usually all boys yet curiously with 1 or more female “mascots”  that laughs too much and talks in too high a voice. Usually dressed to impress. By that I mean over sized jeans, or more confounding than that the skin tight low riders that young males are wearing (WTH???) a printed screen t-shirt and throw in some bracelets maybe some eyeliner (males and females) and you got yourself the raddest bunch of youngins on the block. Danger level: low. just try to use your elementary school vocab words when you’re around them or you might confuse them thereby sending them into a delirium crazed brain overload.

Teenage girls: Now I am a female, I was a teenager. I pray to God I didn’t act like this, and if I did don’t tell me. They go in packs. Skin tight packs. The clothes, the proximity of each other. Like a school of fish they are. You can tell if you look (don’t make eye contact) who is the Alpha Bitch. She, through subtle clues of body language, somehow conveys direction, who to make fun of, who is above standard thereby worthing of making eye contact with, and the overall atmosphere of the pack. I have seen pack members quake in a Alpha Bitch’s subtle piercing gaze of scorn or flower like the sun itself is rising just for that member to get a tan on her white ass.  Danger level: High. if you have low self-worth/esteem/confidence and low sense of self this pack will whittle you down to the size of a grain of sand if you so as much as look at them without a non-verbal acceptance first.

Families: You know who they are. It’s the family with the screaming kid. The Mom that starts screaming from the cash registers to the fabric section. “FAITH!” “FAAAIIITTTTHHHH!!!” (true story, everybody stopped, even the teenage girls stopped, everyone was still with the name FAITH ricocheting off all hard surfaces) The parents who let their overweight toddler eat skittles while sitting in the back of the cart (true story, so sad!) Danger level: low-high. depending on your sensitivity to sounds could be highly dangerous, and if you are somehow deemed the SAFETY! when kids are playing tag. If you are good at avoidance you’re good to go.

Trashy Women: By oneself or with others. Never seen more than 4 together at one time. Always has at least 1 wear the least amount of clothing possible with total disregard for public eyesight. They feel empowered, full of misplaced confidence. They are the SHIT. I say you should wear that much clothing in the privacy of your own home when trying to get it on but thats me. Danger level: med. you might have to explain anatomical parts to your children and who wants to do that in Walmart?

Lone Ranger: Anomaly. Either wears too much clothes in the heat of summer or too little in the cold of winter. Sometimes mumbling could be heard when around such a person. No discernible words but you just know s/he’s going over the equation to e=mc² or repeating the mantra about staying calm and cool and collected in crowded places. Danger level: low-med. don’t bump into or get in the way of the lone ranger or s/he might surprise you in a not so happy way

Sometimes Scientist set up elaborate climate, environmental controlled studies to observe human behavior. Save some money and go to Walmart.

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NASM Workshop

Experience NASM Live

NASM offers over 95 Live Personal Training Workshops in over 33 cities across the U.S. Designed to help you prepare for your Certified Personal Trainer exam, enhance your knowledge or develop a specialty, NASM’s personal training workshops are the perfect addition to your personal training education.

Workshops cost $279.00 and is non-refundable is missed. Can cancel the workshop within one week of the workshop for the current transfer fee.

*This is all stated HERE at the NASM website. I’m telling you this because next Friday and Saturday I will be attending this workshop in Arlington, VA. as well as exploring DC.

I will putting up some awesome pics of the capital and telling you all about whether or not this workshop was really worth going to or not. It’s not the cheapest thing around with the price tag of $279.00 so you will get the good the bad and the ugly. I’m thinking about sneaking in my camera…but we’ll see on that.

I’m currently on ch. 7 of the NASM Essentials of Personal Fitness Training so I will be writing if this has helped me with the course material so far. Also, whether this will help with material in the rest of the book.

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Tim Ferriss

My Unusual $100,000 Birthday Present (Plus: Free Round-Trip Anywhere in the World)

Tim Ferriss, author and New York Times Best Selling of The Four-Hour Workweek will be matching for every dollar donated, dollar for dollar, up to $100,000. The deadline will be this Sunday ending at midnight PST, thats July 25, 2010. The goal is to get approximately 1,500 donors at an average of $33 each, which will add up to $50,000 and, matched, add up to $100,000.

What its for you ask? Kids, schools, field trips, basic course material, and literature. You find the “request” that most resonates with you and donate however much you can. All the proceeds are tax deductible. You can find all the requests HERE.

Now you maybe wondering OK whats with the, Plus: Free Round-Trip Anywhere in the World thing about? hmm?

Well, for anyone who donates, Tim Ferriss will be randomly picking one individual who will be selected to receive….round-trip ticket anywhere in the world that Continental or Star Alliance fly, whether Rome, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, or hundreds of other awesome locations. There is no expiration date on the trip, so you can take your time getting your passport in order.

Its definitely a win-win situation. Helping school children that don’t have the financial means to get the best they deserve and have a chance at getting a round trip ticket to anyplace in the world.

There are other incentives…if you read incentive #3 you know what I’m talking about. Don’t mind though…I’m winning that one. Hopefully. 🙂

*If you don’t go to the link at the top of the page, watch this. It will tell you about some of the challenges schools and kids are facing today.

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RoadID update…

Today I recieved my sport RoadID in the mail! Yay!…until I opened the package only to discover that the sport version is way wider than the elite version. When I say way wider I mean by 1/4 of an inch. Now when you go to the website and click on the bands they tell you the length and width, somehow I just didn’t process that in my mind. I have small wrists, I’m 5’2″ and my wrist measures just at 6 1/8 so when you put a band on it that is wide it makes my wrist seem dainty almost. Did not like it. Also, I ordered the small/medium and while I could fit my pinky finger underneath it, it was a little tighter than I like wearing. The band is nylon webbing, highly durable, with two reflective stripes going across the band. It has a Velcro closure…you loop it through then pull back onto itself and it looked really “cute”, (did I mention I got it in pink??) highly fashionable, very good quality. None of the stitching seemed to be loose or sewed on bad.

*Note: When you order the Elite RoadID you get a really cool tin…Do I see a RoadID survival tin guide on in the future??? When you order the sport, you do not get the really cool tin. Disappointing but I already have 4 so can’t complain that much.

Not disappointed in the product in any way just wasn’t to my taste/style. Now, this is the really awesome part. When I called their company number…I talked to an employee within 1 minute. Wow. I know right? and, wait for it….They will replace it with an Elite band as soon as I ship it back to them. Lets just let that process for a moment.

… …

… …. ….

They said they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and they mean it. I believe I can count on one hand how many companies really mean that without a lot of jargon and legal technicalities strewn into the bit. When I was calling them and their side picked up there was this recording talking, I can’t remember exactly what it said but here is a paraphrase, yadda yadda yadda please wait while your call is being routed to a real live person yadda yadda yadda. Then it was wham bam “Hello, How can I assist you today?” Again, Wow. I was impressed. She listened, I talked, she talked, we were both pleased.

Now, obviously you can’t go around wearing the thing or scratch it and then decide to “exchange it”. They are there to help though and it was good. I repackaged everything and sent it out today for an exchanged of a pink Elite interactive, very easy. I am pleased.

And if you read my previous post about RoadID’s not being for very small children, well I think I found my answer. Duck tape. If I get the elite band, cut it down to size, put it on them, then form a duck tape ring over the clasps they won’t be able to get it off! Brilliant I know. Thank you. I’m like, why didn’t I think of this before? I’ve read some reviews on how the ankle version is used or the shoe version but my kids are toddlers so if they can they will get it off. When they are older then yes definitely with the ankle and shoe version but right now they are too young. Not too young to run off somewhere just too young to not know that eating it or flinging it somewhere is bad.

The only bad part is now I got to wait for it to get there. Then to wait till it gets back here.

Also, I live in North Carolina they ship from Kentucky. It took them I believe 2 days for it to get here after they shipped it. Very nice.

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July 20, 2010 1 comment

I don’t remember the first time I heard of RoadID. I believe I was scanning a running magazine back in Oct. of 2009 and saw an ad or maybe I was perusing the internet and saw the banner. Either way, I was interested. After having two kids in the last 3 years, and looking to become a personal trainer by 2011, I was ready to be more active. I had begun, late 2009, to go jogging outside. Getting away and centering myself, the only thoughts in my head were of my feet on the ground, air whooshing into in my lungs and the bliss of thinking about nothing and everything was, and still is, therapeutic. No kids crying or asking for jugo (juice), no one asking about my day, no outside pressure but my own drive to do better than the last time. Very nice. Breathe, run, breathe, run, breathe. If I couldn’t have done that maybe I would have picked up cigarettes or drinking, or, just had gone crazy and started talking like a toddler talks but to adults. Not a good picture.

So, I go outside whenever I can, alone. Me and the pavement. Oh, correction, me and the pavement and some inconsiderate crazy batshit drivers. After running on a curvy road or up a hill (OK, more like crawling) or just running on a straight street I was, and am, never too confidant about cars not hitting me. Even when I go rugged on a trail (sometimes I imagine I’m Tomb Raider, don’t laugh, it keeps me moving because I’m usually on a mission, haha) and going down or up a steep hill I’m a little worried that something might happen. Now, I’m not paranoid or pessimistic but if something did happen would I have my cell on me? Would I be able to use it? What if I got amnesia?? What would happen if I didn’t have my license on me and I was a Jane Doe with amnesia and I woke up only to discover that some  hill billys kidnapped me and was planning on making me the mother of their little hill billy children!?? I don’t think I could live with that.

I don’t know about you but when I go out, to get me time, I more times than not don’t bring my cell or license or any form of ID or communication device. My philosophy is, the more things you bring the less you run. Here the RoadID comes into play. Brilliant idea by the way, I should have thought of it.

Now it’s not one of those medical alert ID metal bracelet things. I mean it is buts its so much more. First off, people of all ages can wear this thing. I’m a young hip Momma, 25 years, and I love it, also I saw it on a older woman mid-60’s and she was rocking it without looking like a woman past her prime trying to “be young again”. It transcends all age groups, genders, colors, creeds, etc. Color coordination? No problem. You can choose different colors (Elite: black, blue, red, green, pink, yellow, orange, bone, purple. Sport: black, blue, yellow, pink, purple, red)  and you can also order just the band on the elite and sport edition. If you don’t want to wear it on your wrist they have a shoe version (you strap it to your shoelaces), a necklace version (similar to dog tags) and an ankle version. The shoe and ankle version comes in black, blue, red and pink while the necklace or Fixxed ID comes as a steel necklace with the ID as steel also.

If you’re going to be ordering one, and I hope that you do, you have two options. The original version which you can customize up to six lines with 24 characters each, including spaces. Then you have the interactive version which you which can customize two lines with 24 characters each, the rest of the lines has directions for emergency personnel to get your medical information along with contact information.  If you go here,, and type in the serial and pin you see, you can get eyes on what the interactive version offers.  I have a the original version, elite, yellow and I just ordered the interactive version, sport, pink.

Now about the workmanship (impeccable by the way, did you see the stainless steel and laser engraved text?? here) is excellent and the band, (that has stood up to the tests of 6+ months of abuse from devil toddlers and almost everyday wear by me, which is saying something. hydrophilic sport or hydrophilic elite with stainless steel push button clasp) is still going strong without a tear or nick in the thing, albeit the yellow is looking a bit dirty around the edges but it gives it character. I haven’t yet received the sport, its in the mail!, but I’m guessing with absolute certainty that it will be amazing as well.

I do have one gripe though. This goes personally to the owners of RoadID. Here goes.

Dear, Mr. RoadID’s

I know that when you made this product, in a moment of awe of inspiration, you were most likely thinking about yourself and other well minded adults.

You wanted to genuinely help, protect, and inform emergency personnel of allergies, medical conditions, and blood types.

You wanted people to know the names of other people when they were sprawled on the ground unconscious.

You wanted their mothers and fathers and husband and wives to know when they were hurt.

But what about the little guy??

The toddler that doesn’t know the meaning of stay? or my favorite, “If you don’t move I will give you whatever you want, just give Momma 5 freakin minutes!”

Or that magical child where he can vanish in the time it takes you to close the car door after putting him on the ground?

Or that Oh so sweet child that LOVES to play hide and seek in Walmart (Malls, Playgrounds, Sears…etc. etc.)??

What about the little guy??

Now before you go all, just by an elite version and cut it down to size, use that. Well I already did, and guess what? They can get it off. (insert sigh and deep resignation here) My well meaning sons can get them off. My almost three old can press the buttons and fling it off into the trees and my one and a half year old, who falls into the magical category, can somehow take it off his ankle and around his shoe and lose it. I bought them an elite each and this is how it happened. Well, I don’t know exactly how it happened but one moment I put it on them and an hour later, magic!, they were not there. This was going through the woods by the way so I was not going back in to look for them. Maybe something similar to the elite but with a extra security clasp/button?? I would buy two for each of my sons in a heartbeat, hint hint. Nothing around the necks, please. Can’t be all Velcro either. If you make it I will buy it. 🙂

I love this product. I really do. I hope everyone can get one. For safety, for peace of mind. But my question will be, what about the little guy? until they make a product that is. I will be waiting.

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