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Weight Lift Days M-W-F

Home in Bed- 5:00am. Hit the damn phone. Snooze for 3 minutes and hit phone again. Remember that phone is on last leg of life so I stopped acting like a cave woman and returned to normal human behavior ie. turned off the alarm through peaceful ways. YAWN. STRETCH.  Grumble about how I have to wake up at 5:00am to workout because of kids. Think about my body fitting into those jeans and I’m off in fantasy land while getting dressed for some serious working out.

Car- Alone time. Time for me to be the rapper that deep down, like Way down I know I am, you too. Turn up that radio/mp3 and do a little hip rotation and chest press while bobbing your head to that beat. Singing at the top of my lungs, “I yeah yeah you shoould yeah yeaaaaah ishinkijst…”  words dont matter because I’m alone. Of course I’m also doing that thing with your hand that All good rappers do…you know what I’m talking about, don’t play. Tone it down a bit, OK a whole lot, when someone is next to you at the red light. You Don’t Know Me! One hand on the wheel and other doin’ its thang.

Gym parking lot- Even though you’re going to the gym where ideally you SHOULD get all sweaty and out of breath and feeling your muscles work you still gotta check out that mirror. Hmm, do I look good? Should I slap on some eye liner? lip gloss? maybe some mascara?? Watching my reflection in the mirror I think, Nahhh I look gooooood. OK maybe some mascara. Ahh, America and its photoshopped everyone. Keys? check, Card? check, Log? check, Water? check,…Hell just put it all in a workout bag. I swear. Got to have a damn purse/bag for everything. Would we have it any other way??

Gym- A full body workout! Lift to failure, Oh it feels so good to be working muscles and feeling them strain and say, You’re crazy! Can’t you feel when you do that you hurt me? I thought you loved me?? Don’t you?…The lightest weight I lift is 15lbs. On a good day 20lbs. Talking dumbbells here, not a bar. Lifting heavy feels good. I’m not a bodybuilder nor do I aspire to be one. That feeling where you know you’re pushing yourself is awesome. A high thats legal. In the mood with your mp3 blasting rock and hip-hop and rap into your ears, probably at a too high volume. Seeing your body change little by little over the days and weeks. Shoulders muscles, definition in you arms, and the oh so sexy lines of your legs and back with the well defined waist getting smaller and smaller. Standing up taller, shoulders back chest up with a damn brilliant smile on my face. Bliss.

I’m writing this on a Tuesday night and working out tomorrow. I’m motivated.   🙂

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