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Women and Muscles

Ok so this is on my About page but on the off-chance you will not read it…

PetiteMuscle. Who says muscles have to look manly? Why, if you do want to get physically fit, do you insist on lifting dumbbells that weigh less than your Yorkie?? Why, when you look in the mirror and turn around and see that cellulite, do you insist on not doing lunges and squats?

There is all this talk about about how women should train different than men, blah blah blah. I’m thinking….we aren’t different species. Maybe in how we process information, yes, but last time I checked we each have the same muscles, same bone structure. Obviously, we have minor differences, carry fat primarily around our hips, thighs, and butt, yes. Also, we have different amounts of  fast twitch and slow twitch (Type II and Type I, respectively) however not that much difference.

If you see men in the gym, and I know you do, you see them lifting heavy, hopefully with correct form. They get excited over .5 inch of gain! Think about that for second. They lift heavy, probably are taking whey protein and whatever else, they have a natural advantage of having testosterone, and they get excited over .5 inch of gain of muscle.

Then you have women. Who, I believe, usually doesn’t take any supplements, doesn’t have the testosterone level that men have and are afraid are lifting heavy because they don’t want to look all muscular. Does that make sense?? NO.

When you see those very muscular women who compete in body building and they look like…well you know, don’t be scared of looking like that. They usually take steroids, protein, supplements, hormones. They eat like crazy and thats their job to look like that, I’m not saying they live in the gym but you get the picture.

So next time you notice something that you’re not particularly fond of. see: cellulite, jiggly parts. Lift heavy enough that you will feel it, and have to work when you lift weights. You will get thinner faster and have less jiggly parts.

And in my humble opinion, along with other professionals, weights first and then cardio.

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