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Sh*t Happens

My normal day would be to wake up and go to the one place on earth where people converge to sweat, grunt, squat, and lift. I usually go to this magical place, and I say magical because if you go long enough and hard enough your body will miraculously change shape, by hitting my alarm at 5am. However, today, on this fateful day, it was not meant to be. My alarm, a.k.a. cell phone, died in the middle of the night a slow and quiet death. Don’t feel bad, it was quick. Not charging my beloved  for the past 4 days had given it no will, power, to do my bidding and wake my ass up at 5am.

I can’t blame my absence totally on my phone though. I did wake up, probably around 6-ish and saw sunlight streaming through window, realizing that it was later than normal I proceeded to have an internal dialogue about about the pros and cons of getting up. My lazy self won and I fell back into the ether of dreamland.

When I finally managed to roll out bed, literally roll out of bed, I started to get ready for the day. Something was missing. What was it?  Pants? Yes, put them on. Makeup? Yes, just a little bit. Breakfast? Ate that banana like there was no manana. Hmm, something was still missing. Oh. I know.


If you didn’t read my post I suggest you read it. It describes the high in such eloquence and command of the English language that Ernest Hemingway would be proud….maybe.

What I didn’t get into was the after high. You’re pumped for the day. You’re ready for the day. Bring it on, whachyougaawt?!?!? Kind of attitude. It helps, tremendously, when you have 2 toddlers to care for, both boys.

So I missed a workout and the after high. I feel not ready for the day. Maybe I can sneak in some weights when they go to sleep. Oh, it won’t be the same as being in the atmosphere, but I’ll take it.

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