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Chimney Rock.

Scenery from Chimney RockWeather, perfect. Sunny with clouds. Home alone with my little devils, I mean toddlers. Hell. Home alone with two very active boys and nothing to do. Didn’t get to work out yesterday morning and now home alone with them. Don’t get me wrong, I love my boys more than anything. Just, it’s been so hot lately that they’ve been getting cabin fever. Temperature today is around 85 degrees so time to get out. Do something. Chimney Rock.

First, let me say this, don’t bring small children up to the rock without proper supervision. Leashes, tethers, multiple adults for one child, alarms that go off when a distance of two feet has been breached, ALL good ideas. I say this jokingly but seriously good ideas. I remember a couple years ago there was a toddler, I believe around four years old, who fell off the trail and was killed around Chimney Rock. Children are balls of energy, so don’t let them out of your sight and if they’re old enough to talk and respond intelligently, tell them to stay with you.

Having said that. It IS a great place to go with your family. It’s in the great outdoors. They have guard rails all around at the top and a very cool elevator that goes up 26 stories in thirty seconds, that you have to get to through a cave. There is a waterfall on one of the trails and the scenery is beyond breathtaking. Take a digital camera. The gift shop is nice. They have ice cream and water you can buy, overpriced but isn’t  it everywhere?

When you go be prepared to work those glutes! I would suggest bringing a bag with goodies inside. A small first aid kit, sunscreen, hat, WATER, trail mix, possible extra clothes if you’re going to get wet, theres a waterfall and creek, and did I mention water and a camera?

Very good trails all over, from beginner to expert. Bug repellent. Have you ever gone through woods and been chased by a deer fly?? Not good. I have, not at Chimney Rock but at the Asheville Arboretum,  and let me tell you. Running for your life and swatting at the air immediately around oneself like a mad women, even if you really don’t want to touch the thing, and praying that this 50 yards is the yards that the fly from hell will leave you alone, is not fun. B-u-g R-e-p-e-l-l-e-n-t. You can thank me later.

So we went, we saw, we took pictures, we left. OK, so we ate some ice cream too. They were so tired they fell asleep the entire ride home. Plus.

Big hint here. If you go after 4pm, your ticket is good the next day also. Score. If you’re not too tired that is.

Also, there are some cool shops around the entrance to the park And a river that you can wade into. Today when I went, people were everywhere, in out on around by near the water. Looked nice. You should go.

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  1. August 3, 2010 at 4:30 pm

    I agree this is a beautiful place to visit. I went two years ago and still call it one of my favorite visits. I placed a lot of pictures on my blog. I just had a flashback of pain from the hike 🙂

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