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NASM CPT Workshop, Arlington

So last Fri/Sat. I went up to Arlington, went to the workshop and had an overall good time with my friend and DC in general…minus that one parking ticket. (what can you do? lol)

Workshop lowdown….

Eric Beard (http://twitter.com/ericbeard) is a sensational speaker, had me laughing with everyone else and knew his stuff. Boston accent…which is always a plus in my book when a man has an accent. Very engaging, one of those who knows how to use the spotlight type personalities. Did I mention he was funny? Used real world examples, got us moving (literally with arms, hips, legs, etc.) Told stories that related to the material.

Tanya Colucci (http://twitter.com/tanyacolucci) is also a really good speaker. Knows her stuff. Her style of presentation was different, ie. less laughs. but done well. She’s in DC look her up. She also put some personal stories into the mix which helped put it all into real jargon. Some of it was hilarious too. Like when a client “threw up” on her. LOL (not real throw up)

Really glad I went. Put the material all together. Went through the entire OPT model which if you have the text book is the basically the same thing only better b/c you were actually DOING it. So glad I went. Met some cool people there also.  Wear workout clothes folks, no jeans. You won’t be sweating but you will be moving. Did I mention I’m really glad that I went. The whole book made entirely more sense, I feel ready to take the taste.

The only complaint is this…why in the world do you, NASM, have this on a Friday and Saturday?!  In DC no less! crazy. Should be on Thursday and Friday. I had to skip out 2 hours early on Saturday so I could go see some sights that night. Totally worth it but I was feeling a bit bad because that was when they were going into the exam preparation part. Blah oh well I’m sure I’ll be good.

If you got the money I definitely insist that you go. Not only will you meet future contacts, maybe friends, but the whole course and material will make so much more sense.

*there will always be that one guy that makes it about him instead of the reason why you are there. just breathe. he will get shut up eventually

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